Patch 0.9.2655
Patch 0.9.2655 important


We are pleased to announce the release of a major update for Hired Ops. It will introduce the long-awaited clan system, as well as a new weapon mastering system. In addition, we have added a new level separation of servers for a more comfortable player experience, and changed the in-match economy for popular modes. 

Read a detailed description of the update below: 


› Added a clan system.

Clan players will be required to complete daily contracts and weekly challenges, to gain resources and experience, to advance in the clan rankings and develop the clan base, which will improve clan parameters and give passive bonuses to all clan members.


Creation of clans is available for players of level 10 and above. Players can apply to already created clans in the clan ranking.



› Weapon mastering system has been introduced. 

Now the availability of weapons of all classes depends on your mastering level. To advance through mastering levels, you must perform weapons tasks - W-Tasks. Already purchased weapons will remain available regardless of the current mastering level. Weapons are divided into 20 mastering levels, prices of some models are changed and adjusted.


› A new division of servers by level has been introduced. 

All servers are divided into 4 clusters: 0-10, 11-25, 26-50, 51-100.


› Changed in-match economy for DM, TC, TDS and TE modes.  

Each class now has its own wallet, you can no longer earn money playing a stormtrooper and spend it on a scout or sniper›s ult.


› Contracts corporations. 

  • Improved the conditions for generating contracts.
  • Changed some of the rewards, which could be obtained from the uncommon corporations crates, as well as from the legendary RTW crate.


› Disabled instructor contracts. 

We took this mechanic out of the game, perhaps the instructor will return in the future when we rethink its importance in the game's economy.


› Weapon Tasks (W-Tasks).

  • Removed the requirements to perform tasks on enemies of certain classes, edited tasks.
  • Added accounting for longshots in W-Tasks on headshots.


› The group leader can now initiate an exit from the server by the entire group, or exit independently while leaving the group.


› Balancing changes:

  • Damage inflicted on limbs for all classes has been significantly reduced. 
  • Mutual kills have been added in test mode.
  • Barter assortment updated.
  • TDS mode - increased cooldowns of all assortments in in-match store by 50%.


› Equipment: 

  • Improved grenade kill zone calculation.
  • "Lepestok mines" - increased cost to 500, increased delay on reuse to 5 minutes.
  • "Ironclad" - reduced modifier of head damage from 5 to 3.
  • "Recon drone" - increased cost to 500, increased reuse delay to 5 minutes.
  • "High-precision strike" - fixed damage calculation mechanics, increased damage and blast radius
  • "Bioreagent Missile" - increased cost to 400, increased reuse delay to 5 minutes.
  • "Sonar" - increased reuse delay to 2.5 minutes, added vulnerability of sonar to blast wave.
  • "Massive strike" - increased cost to 600, increased reuse delay to 5 minutes.
  • "Jamming grenade" - increased protection radius against illumination, swarm of missiles and jamming of enemy special means up to 10 meters.
  • "Stun grenade" - added delay on re-purchase from a scout.
  • "Smoke grenade" - increased speed of spreading smoke screen.
  • 'AP-HS ammo' - increased range penalty to -40%, reduced armor damage to 170%.


› Skills:

  • Tactical Shooting - Reduced maximum bonus to aiming speed to 30%.
  • Tactical reloading - changed the effect of the skill on the reload speed of weapons, now the skill has a stronger effect on weapons with a long reload and weaker on weapons with a fast reload. Increased the maximum bonus to reload speed to 30%.
  • Agility - reduced maximum bonus to movement speed to 15%.
  • Shadow Training skill was replaced with "Combat Tempo".
  • "Medical Kit" - reduced time to reuse first aid kit to 2 seconds per grade.
  • "Scout" - reduced bonus to charging speed and duration of thermal imager to 20% and 10% respectively at maximum grade.
  • "Master Sniper" - reduced maximum bonus to sniper rifles' rate of fire and DMR reload to 25%.
  • "Second Chance" - reduced maximum damage bonus to 15%.
  • "Toxin" - reduced bonus to poison time to 5 seconds and reduced maximum damage bonus to 5.
  • "Sonar modification" - reduced bonus to action range to 20% and maximum bonus to action time to 20%.
  • 'Shockwave' - reduced range bonus to 15% and maximum bonus to stun duration to 20%.


› Weapons:

  • AKMS, Oracle, Ace31 - increased damage to 46.
  • AS Shaft, Shaft mod.3 - increased damage to 42.
  • AK12 - increased damage to 44, reduced sideways drift when firing.
  • Saiga 12 - reduced buckshot range and rate of fire, increased damage and recoil.
  • SCAR-H - recoil is improved.
  • 9A91 - recoil from hipfire is reduced.
  • SR3M - recoil during aiming and side sway was reduced.
  • IAR - Weapon now unlocks at KIBA ARMS level 5.
  • EVO3 - increased damage to 36, weapon now opens at 4th level of KIBA ARMS.
  • OC33 - increased damage to 43, the weapon now opens at level 5 of RTW.
  • S3000 - Weapon now unlocks at TIS level 3.
  • Python - reduced hipfire recoil and side sway recoil.
  • VSS - increased ammo to 60 rounds, increased aiming speed and mobility to 65.
  • RFB - increased armor penetration to 80, increased aiming speed, reduced hip recoil.
  • Mk14 - increased damage to 76, increased aiming speed.
  • QBU - increased ammo to 60, increased mobility to 58, increased aiming speed, reduced sway and dispersion.
  • SKS - increased ammo to 90, increased mobility to 51, increased rate of sighting, reduced recoil from hipfire and sway when firing.
  • IED - ammo is increased to 40, aiming speed is increased.
  • Petra - reduced rate of fire to 13, improved recoil.
  • ISR - optimal range reduced to 60.


› Sights:

  • HHS - added glare when aiming, added hybrid sight mechanics
  • D-EVO - reduced magnification of auxiliary sight.
  • LAS/TAC, RAPTAR - finalized glare and its range.
  • Irondot - sight was replaced by Razor sight.
  • Halo - increased aiming speed.


› Fixed:

  • Corrected a bug where the gun view animation would not play when the magazine is full.
  • Now when selling a special weapon, the cooldown on its purchase is triggered.
  • Fixed the cases of the disappearance of weapons in GunGame and DM GunGame modes.
  • Fixed the bug with the desync of primary and secondary weapons.
  • Fixed the bug with the constant increase of the amount of ammunition by 1 magazine.
  • Fixed bugs related to hybrid sights and sniper rifles.


If you find a bug, please notify us via private community messages. Thank you for your attention and we wish you an excellent game!