Patch 0.9.2624
Patch 0.9.2624 important


We are pleased to present a major update for Hired Ops, which includes two new game modes, three new locations, changes to balance and mechanics, and various fixes.

  • The new modes in Hired Ops are "GunGame" and "GunGame DM".
    They differ in the fact that the first battle is in a format of team confrontation. The aim of the match - to be the first to pass ten levels of weapons, and to complete the match by getting a knife kill. In the comments, please leave your feedback on the new modes.


  • Added new location - Tarkov Seaport loading complex, storing TerraGroup materials that had not had time to evacuate before the collapse. Location is available in TE, TC, GG and GG_DM modes.


  • Added new location - Old sawmill. Graphically updated version of everyone's favorite map from ContractWars, the map is available in TE and TDS modes.


  • Added new location - Bridge. Also graphically updated version of compact map from ContractWars, the map is available in modes TDS and TS.


P.S Evacuation map is now available for battles in TE, GG and GG_DM modes.


Changed balance and mechanics:

  • Mouse sensitivity now adjusts to change of optics magnification.
  • Changed mechanics of spotting enemies: Sonar, Attention, Coordinator, controlled drones will spot enemies with mark "on screen" only for owners of perk, for allied players opponent will be spotted only on radar.
  • Reduced spot time of Drone Scout (sniper's ultimates).
  • Increased the duration of the destroyer's booby-trapped weapon to one minute.
  • Saiga 12K - reworked animation, added view animation, replaced the rail.
  • RPK-74 - replaced model, added view animation, improved recoil.
  • ND7.5 - reduced spread, redesigned animation, added view animation.
  • Obrez- reduced pellets scatter.
  • KRISS - damage reduced to 43.
  • Bison - damage increased to 54.
  • Mepro M21 - sighting mark was redesigned.
  • D-EVO - reworked scope logic.
  • NERO - increased recoil reduction to -17%.
  • HCO - accuracy bonus is increased to +10%.
  • Limb armor (Sniper and Scout perk) changed basic limb damage reduction by -10%. Reduced maximum armor bonus to +20.
  • Contact grenades - significantly reduced explosion radius.


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug of first respawn without armor.
  • Fixed bug with server freeze due to launching drones outside the game zone.
  • Fixed bug with camera freeze leading to respawn problem.