Operation Flores de Muertos
Operation Flores de Muertos special

Starting today, the game will launch a new operation "Flores de Muertos", by performing contracts and winning matches, you will accumulate points of the operation and earn unique awards, such as a heavy machine gun HCAR and semi-automatic sniper rifle Petra, as well as unique camouflage for "Destroyer" and "Sniper", and of course new weapon modifications!



The operation will last until December 31, 2020 inclusive.

Progress in this operation is gained for experience in the match - 5 points of operation for every 100 exp and for fulfilling contracts.


With the entry of the operation, we have made some changes in the game:

  • Team Skirmish mode has been improved.
  • The variety of round modifications has been increased.
  • Fixed bug with login to the server in the middle of match.
  • Fixed collider of grenade launcher shells.
  • Fixed bug with additional victory point when picking up drops.
  • Fixed some bugs with UI and store.
  • Fixed network synchronization of firing and reloading of weapons.
  • Fixed tracer display bug ( earlier, tracers could fly through a wall even if the wall is not penetrated and no damage is inflicted behind it, also sometimes tracers were displayed in the wrong place where they should have been located).


Balancing changes:

  • HK416C - reduced spread when aiming.
  • SCAR-H - reduced spread.
  • KAC PDW - reduced spread, reduced sway intensity when shooting.
  • HK243, 9A91 - reduced sway intensity when shooting.
  • Bison - improved recoil.
  • VSS, RFB, Mk14, QBU, SKS, SVU - reduced duration of the sight stabilization after firing.
  • HCO, RX30 - improved reticles.
  • AP - OFM cartridges for DMR rifles - increased damage penalty up to 15%.