Team Skirmish
Team Skirmish important


We are pleased to present the Hired Ops update, which includes new game mode, server improvements and balance changes.

In comments, we ask you to leave your feedback on new game mode. What you liked, what you did not like, what you would like to change or add.

New mode in #HiredOps - Team Skirmish
The goal of the mode is to eliminate enemy team or capture valuable cargo. The first team to win in 7 rounds wins the match.

Each round players start with random weapons and mods, and random modifiers can also be obtained during the game. The rounds are quick and dynamic and there are no respawns. Also, in Team deathmatch mode we have disabled the In-match Store and the influence of skills from global leveling.
The new mode is now available on three maps: Port5, Industrial Zone and Evacuation. A little later we will update the mode for other maps as well as add new maps!

In addition to the new mode, this update will bring an improved network code - the desynchs have been fixed for high ping players and the frequency of packets sent from server to client has been increased.


Changes in balance:

  • G18 - reduced spread, increased hip fire accuracy, reduced side sway intensity when firing.
  • G33 - reduced spread, increased hip fire accuracy.
  • S3000 - increased range.
  • AS Val - easier recoil when aiming.
  • HALO - changeable multiplicity of optics added.
  • Range and penetration penalties for silencers that have those penalties have been reduced.
  • H153, H150, PL-4 - range bonus reduced.


Other changes:

  • Redistributed items available in INFREQUENT and RARE corporate crates. The chance of mode drop from them has been increased to 50%.
  • Target Designation - experience and credits gain has been increased.