Operation Ace
Operation Ace special


Starting today, a new operation will take place in the game. By completing contracts and winning matches, you will accumulate operation points and earn unique rewards, including new weapon mods and two sets of camouflage for stormtroopers - the Killer Set for the BEAR stormtrooper and the Apache set for the USEC stormtrooper. And for the maximum level of operation, you will get a new unique stormtrooper weapon. Compact assault rifle Galil Ace 31 chambered for 7.62x39mm, produced by IWI.


Also, we have changed the system of gaining the operation experience, now for winning a match you will receive 150 points of experience, not 25 as the last time, but for fulfilling contracts, the amount of received operation experience is reduced by about 2 times compared to the previous operation.

With the start of the operation, we've also made some changes in the game.

List of changes:

  • The combat interface rework has started, which will continue in the next patch. Please leave your feedback about the new interface so that we can take it into account for future changes.
  • Redesigned spread mechanics - now weapon mods and combat skills that improve the accuracy of weapons will not affect the spread of weapons.
  • In Team Elimination Mode, secured airdrop now gives you 7 victory points.
  • Perk "Fire stabilization" - reduced the base spread reduction to 5% and 1% per grade.
  • Fleshette-reduced range bonus to 80%, reduced penetration bonus to 150%.
  • ACR-increased damage to 38, fixed aiming.
  • Kriss-increased accuracy from the hip, reduced spread.
  • CP3M-reduced spread.
  • Val mod.3 - reduced spread.
  • RPKT-increased accuracy from the hip, reduced spread.
  • Desert Eagle - lowered recoil.
  • SW-increased rate of fire.
  • MDR - added the ability to install tactical devices.
  • UMP - speeded up reload, improved hold, and added viewing animation.
  • M4A1-added a unique mod that can be unlocked with 11 W-Task.
  • MRS-improved aiming mark.
  • CompM4-replaced the model.
  • Kemper-removed the chance of this mod spawn in all boxes (HCO will now spawn instead), it will come back in other boxes in future.