Operation Hellfire
Operation Hellfire special

In today's update, we are happy to present you an in-game event-operation "Hellfire", which will last until July 12.


By completing contracts and winning matches, you will increase your level in the operation and get containers with new mods and camouflage, in-game currency, and at the last level a new unique weapon for the scout class - M4 SOPMOD.


The number of points that can be earned per week is limited, for one week you can only earn 10,000 operation points, but after a week the cap will be reset and you can continue to increase your level.


Premium account holders will receive 2 times more operation points.


For players who did not have time to reach the desired level, the in-game store provides the opportunity to purchase experience of the operation and a special container with new mods and camouflage.

This is the first operation, and we hope to get your feedback on what you would like to change or improve in it, so that the next operations become better and more interesting!


Other changes:

  • in the game settings, you can adjust the camera's shaking when sprinting/jumping/walking/crouching
  • improved hit registration
  • if there is an Laser Designator in the sight and in the tactical module, both lasers will now be turned on/off by hotkey.


The balance of weapons:

  • Improved S3000 animation, added viewing animation.
  • IED-as-improved recoil, reduced horizontal deflection when firing
  • SKS - reduced horizontal deflection when firing, increased rate of fire to 40
  • RFB - improved recoil, reduced horizontal deflection when firing
  • QBU88 - reduced horizontal deflection when shooting
  • EBR - improved recoil, reduced horizontal deflection when firing
  • VSS - increased damage to 66, increased range to 80 and 130 meters, reduced damage drop at maximum range
  • TKPD - increased aiming speed


Balance of combat skills:

  • Heavy stormtrooper armor plates - reduced the penalty for penetration to -15%
  • Heavy ceramic destroyer armor - reduced the penalty for penetration to -15%
  • Perk "IRON HEALTH" (stormtrooper, destroyer) - reduced bonus HP for each grade to +1
  • Perk "IRONSIDE" (stormtrooper, destroyer) - reduced the bonus to the number of armor for each grade to +2%"