Contractors general

Dear friends,

over the next few weeks we'll be explaining to you, in detail, the key changes and improvements that are going to be included into the upcoming Hired Ops update. Today, we shall start with improved profile development and operator class leveling system.

The player evolves the profile, receiving experience for playing in any mode and leveling up the contractor. Reaching every new level is rewarded with a random prize. There are no restrictions on leveling, you will continue leveling up as long as you continue to play Hired Ops!

The game now offers two types of contractors: Basic, available from the start of the game, and Custom, which are opened up as you progress through the game. Each of the four game classes — Stormtrooper, Scout, Destroyer and Sniper — is developed independently and has separate levels of experience, currently there are 10 of them. Every class level grants access to more effective combat skills and more deadly weapons.

Basic contractors are pre-configured and balanced out by us, Hired Ops developers, and that will allow even newbies to fairly compete with Hired Ops veterans.

The list of Custom contractors is formed by player. Players themselves select which classes is it going to include, since the full range of customization capabilities will be available for class-based contractors only — selecting initial skills, customizable weapon and appearance loadouts.

Next time, we'll go in more detail over the new system of in-match development, as well as changes in game economy and types of currency.