Quarterly progress report
Quarterly progress report important

Dear players, fighters of Hired Ops!

It has been three months since we, having analyzed the existing issues of the game, decided to radically change the development priorities and make the gameplay more comfortable.

It is time to look back and evaluate the work that has been done.

We’d like to remind you that the main problems of the game were:

  • lack of optimization, as a consequence - low performance and framerate;
  • network problems - freezes, network lags, rubberbanding;
  • troubles with sprinting;
  • issues with hit detection;
  • issues with matchmaking balance, that threw together high-level players and beginners.

Over the past three months, Ops Hired underwent drastic changes, and these concerns have been mitigated to the maximum possible extent, and now the game has become quite comfortable for almost everyone.

To resolve issues with balance and server filling, we have added a list of servers and the ability to join any of the suitable level servers manually.

Conducted extensive work on optimization, dramatically improving performance; however, unfortunately many, 32-bit version of the game still does not meet our quality standards and will be developed further.

We have been thoroughly redesigned and balanced basic game mechanics (such as the movement of the player, recoil, accuracy), and that allowed us to proceed to the main task - network code and adequate and rapid transfer of these actions from client to server and back. We have increased the server tick rate to 60, optimized traffic and redesigned the hit detection system, which increased their accuracy and made the game smoother and more comfortable.

And, despite the fact that new features and content were not in high priority, we did not forget about them, modifying and making more user-friendly interfaces, adding alert system for in-game events, daily rewards, new sets of weapons and new Communications Station map.

We hope that the results of our efforts have met your expectations. We will not miss the opportunity to make the game even more fast, smooth and comfortable, and we ask you to evaluate the work we’ve done so you could enjoy the new gameplay of Hired Ops. Join in, play and win!

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