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How much will the game cost?
Planned starter price is 9.99 USD.

Why change the name from Contract Wars Standalone?

Contract Wars Standalone was initially planned as a large-scale, with major changes, but still a port for the Steam platform, quite close to the original Contract Wars. However, at some point in development, we realized that we want to do much more than just a port - an independent game about the life of mercenaries in a private military company, combat operations around the globe, associated with R.2028 universe setting.

What is the fundamental difference between gameplay of Hired Ops and Contract Wars?

Hired Ops gameplay differs greatly from the Contract Wars due to two factors. First, we conducted a big re-balance of all the key parameters, starting with weapons, continuing with skills and ending with the basic parameters, such as movement speed, reloading and switching of weapons. Second, we have introduced a long list of changes that affect the basic gameplay. For example, introduction of Sprint completely changes the dynamics of the game on smaller maps, demanding greater player concentration and calculation of the enemy movement speed. Ability to peek out allows using shelters more efficiently and, if used properly, significantly reduces the damage suffered by player in the direct contact. The use of combined sight allows to switch quickly from CQB to the role of a sniper... The list goes on.

In addition, you will see new game modes, rebalanced old and new maps, a new system of clans, matchmaking, building your own base and much more.

The press release pointed out that players are “building their own base. " Could you tell about it in more detail?
At the moment we are not ready to reveal the details of this game mechanics. However, please be assured we are preparing something interesting and perfectly aligned with the "mercenary spirit".

Do available skills depend on the fighter class? Could you give the specific examples of skills?
Fighter skill upgrade system will have both common skills that are available to all classes, and specialized skills locked to a particular class. We'll cover the skill system in more detail in the upcoming announcements.

The events in Escape from Tarkov unfold in one city, and in Hired Ops - worldwide. What are the common points in setting of the two games?

At the moment we primarily focus on the development of Contract Wars - Russia 2028 setting. The Hired Ops events take place in the midst of the Contract wars, events that lead to the turning-point when the Escape from Tarkov action starts to unfold. In Hired Ops you will encounter the familiar BEAR and USEC, as well possible intersection in locations, characters, and events with Escape from Tarkov, but it will depend on what kind of agreements we will reach with Battlestate Games.

Why the Hired Ops developer is not Battlestate Games? What's behind AbsolutSoft?
AbsolutSoft is the name of our company. We are the Hired Ops project developer, as well as Contract Wars, and have no connection to the Battlestate Games. Some members of the Battlestate Games have previously worked in AbsolutSoft or cooperated with us remotely, however at the moment the only thing our projects and companies have in common is a common Russia 2028 setting.

What game engine is used for Hired Ops development?

When to expect the news on Early Access?
Follow the news on the website and in the social media. We are sure they will come soon!

Will there be any bonuses for Contract Wars players in the Hired Ops?
Yes, we plan a bonus system for the Contract Wars players. We’ll reveal the details on how it works later.

Will the clan system be changed and will the clans be at the start of game?
For Hired Ops, we are preparing an entirely new clan system. The clan functionality will become available some time after the start of early access, but not in the first versions.

Could you please tell more about the matchmaking and ranking system?
In Hired Ops, we have developed a completely new matchmaking and ranking system based on leading competitive industry standard Glicko-2. Currently, we are actively testing the system and are not yet ready to disclose details about how it works. The matchmaking system will be one of the most important elements we want to get feedback on during Early Access stage.

How can I access a Grenade Launcher?
At the start of the Early Access the Grenade Launcher will be available only in the Team Elimination mode while playing as VIP. However, in the future, we plan to introduce the possibility of using it for regular character classes.

Can the referral system bonus weapons be obtained through other in-game methods?
No. The referral system bonus weapons are unique, they can only be obtained by meeting the conditions of referral program.

I’ve invited a few friends and they have signed up - when will I get my bonuses?
The referral program rewards will be delivered with the launch of Early Access. Please note that in order to receive your prizes, you should ensure that your friends have connected the Steam accounts to their accounts on the www.hiredops.com website, and you must have a copy of the game in your Steam library.

What will happen to Contract Wars after the release of Hired Ops?
We will continue to support the project as long as it will be possible and appropriate in terms of audience interest and technical capabilities.

When will the first book on the universe be published?
The book and the general R.2028 universe are in the works by the Battlestate Games. We presume that in time they will reply to this question.

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