Netcode improvements and the new map
Netcode improvements and the new map important

Mercenaries! We are glad to present the new update that features netcode improvements and a new map!


  • Netcode adjustment and bugfixes
  • Added new map, Comminications Station
  • Fixed the bug that prevented VIP from dealing damage after using Bunker Buster
  • Fixed the bug that caused killstreak banner to get stuck if a player left server when it was up
  • Fixed the mouse hypersensitivity on respawn bug
  • Fixed 3rd-person bending animation
  • Fixed the XPS-2 disappearing reticle issue
  • Restored the display of invincibility icon when shooting a just-respawned player
  • Fixed the incorrect functioning of minimap scale settings
  • Restored the interface hide functionality

After the update and until 12:00 Moscow time on Monday, July 17, all maps will feature double rates of experience and credits.

Please note that this is not the final version of the game netcode and we'll continue improving it. Our further efforts will be directed at improving the hit detection system and network traffic optimization.

Stay tuned!