Netcode fixes and new set of weapons
Netcode fixes and new set of weapons important

Mercenaries! Today we are glad to present to you a major update for Hired Ops, introducing substantial changes and and a multitude of new features.

1. Netcode fixes: the majority of network code responsible for the server representation of player movement in third-person view was revised to increased smoothness of movement and accuracy of position of players on the server when viewed from third-person perspective.

2. The maximum level has been increased to 40.

3. Level 40 will unlock new set of weapons, including:

- Noveske Diplomat
- Saiga 12K
- Colt IAR

4. Server tick rate was increased to 60 - so far, in test mode.

5. Adjusted TDS mode:

- The points that USEC are supposed to protect are now designated with markers that show the potential beacon installation locations, whether it was installed or now, and, if the beacon was discovered by one of the team members, highlight its precise position to everyone on the team.
- Replaced old and added new voice messages.
- Added bonus experience for winning the round
- Added bonus experience for winning the match
- Redesigned end-of-the-round screen interface
- Reduced waiting time between rounds
- Added warm-up: On entering the map in TDS mode, before the necessary number of players is reached, you can warm up on this map in DM mode. All experience earned during warm-up is saved.

6. The following reflex sights were tuned for increased usability:

- Leupold Deltapoint - reduced reticle size
- KP-SR2 - reduced reticle size and increased transparency of the lens
- Mepro MOR - reduced reticle size and increased transparency of the lens
- Kobra - reduced size and increased sharpness of the reticle.

7. Changed aiming animation logic - now, when you use the Hold to Aim option, the aiming animation will be interrupted when the button is released. Previously, the animation was played to the end, even on single short hold.

8. Changed bolt-action rifle logic: recharging now starts automatically after the shot. During the recharge, it is possible to switch to secondary weapon or start a Sprint

9. Weapons store menu interface has been changed - now you can see the weapons and their characteristics in closed sets, and plan for future purchases.

10. Added separate setting of the mouse sensitivity for aiming through scopes.

11. Fixed long-distance objects disappearing on the UN Base map and missing metal planks on the ladder in Bay 5 map.

12. Removed the unsuitable spawn points on the UN Base map in DM and TE modes.

13. Spectator cameras at the UN Base map now have the same visual settings as the player camera.

14. Fixed the bug that caused AK 105 and MP5K metalevel unlock alerts while playing as VIP.

Good luck in combat, dogs of war! Looking forward to your feedback!