Patch 0.9.822
Patch 0.9.822 important

Happy to inform that Hired Ops servers changes upgraded today with an update featuring the following changes:

  • Major network optimization, however, only part of the implemented changes are will be uploaded today, with the resto to follow in the next update;
  • Adjusted recoil mechanics, it's now easier and more comfortable to control. Firing in aiming mode makes improves hit spread. Bullets go exactly where crosshair is directed, with regard to weapon accuracy, of course;
  • Shorter delay before and after the jump;
  • Twice as short delay before firing after sprint;
  • All weapons rebalanced;
  • Partially updated main menu;
  • Added hit markers - you'll see in your crosshair when you've hit the enemy;
  • Jumps drain your stamina now;
  • Fixed the problem that reset the graphics settings on the game restart;
  • Fixed the profile loading problem that some players were experiencing.

Also, we'd like to inform that we are performing a complex of works on all of the game maps to improve the gameplay. Starting it slow, we are bringing to your attention the reworked Bay5 map. Hope you will like the changes and how it plays now!