Changed VIP properties in Team Elimination
Changed VIP properties in Team Elimination important

Mercenaries! It's our pleasure to announce the release of the Hired Ops patch fixing the following issues:

  • Sprint bug
  • Multiplying pointer bug
  • Corrected kill count in rating

Changed VIP properties in Team Elimination:

  • Added 150 armor points protecting shoulders, head and thighs of the VIP
  • Added Antifrag Protection skill, reducing explosion damage to VIP by 35%
  • Headshot damage reduced to x10 instead of x12
  • VIP health reduced from 999 to 500
  • Now the VIP is not affected by upgraded character skills
  • VIP kill experience reward increased from 250 to 300
  • Decreased grenade launcher projectile speed, fix bug that displayed the already fired projectile.

Currently, we are focusing our efforts on fixing the networking of the game - the work is ongoing, but the first results can be witnessed in this patch already.