Preliminary list of changes of the upcoming update
Preliminary list of changes of the upcoming update important

Mercenaries! Today we would like to share with you what you will see in the coming update.

  • Optimized graphics. A considerable increase in framerate for all graphics settings, particularly noticeable by people with weaker PC configurations playing with low graphics settings.
  • Improved hit detection. Although we do not promise that it will become flawless after this update, but we are maintaining very active work in this direction that will continue until it is irreproachable.
  • Open servers listing - we are temporarily suspending the operation of matchmaking, which cannot quickly generate matches with low online. Players can now use the list of servers to find a suitable server with guaranteed presence of other players, and instantly connect to it.
  • All servers will be limited by levels, and players will be able to only access servers that fit their level. After the update, all servers will be split into two pools: Levels 0-10 and levels 8-30. Now the newcomers won't have to play against the players, whose experience and skill surpasses them many-fold.
  • Even a small difference in levels will now be awarded with additional experiences when a lower-level kills a higher-level player, and you’ll be sure to notice this nice and substantial bonus.
  • By results of the tests we have made adjustments in the economy and the balance, which need to be tested again, hence, this update will also bring the first complete reset of all profiles and reduced level cap - to level 30. For those who have achieved considerable success or high levels before this reset, we will reward with unique character camos, their number will depend on the gained level. The minimum level for obtaining such camos is 30. We are sure you’ll take this news positively, since this is a perfect chance to start the mercenary career anew, appropriately distributing resources and applying the previously gained game experience to achieve even better performance.
  • For comparing your progress with players, the game will now feature leaderboards, where you will be able to achieve the first positions on one, several or all of the parameters in the rankings, and confirm that you are indeed one of the most dangerous PMC operators.
  • We have heeded your feedback about the playability of scopes in Hired Ops, and tried to quickly pound them into better shape. You’ll be able to evaluate the degree of our success in this direction in the coming update as well.