The storyline of Hired Ops
The storyline of Hired Ops important

Hired Ops: “Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war"... William Shakespeare

The modern world will never be the same. "War. War never changes ... " - they used to say, but these times are irrevocably gone. Classic war - with rumble of the drums or rows of tanks or infantry attack chains on the battlefield - is no more. There is no more borderline between war and peace, and Her Majesty the Indefinite War reigns now. What does that mean? That means there are no front lines anymore, no right and wrong, there is no good and evil - the game is run by money and power.

Want to kindle your own war in a coastal state? Cash up front and let’s roll. Want to change the governments? Slice up state borders like a pie? Intrude on someone else's territory to defend your interests? Eliminate undesired persons? No problem - hire us to get it done without much fuss. We are PMCs, private military companies.


If your superiors want to stay in the shadows, we shall be the ones to act. If you need to keep your hands clean - trust us with your task. Dirty business is our business.

Anyone can arrange a bit of a crapstorm just about anywhere on the planet, as long as there is enough money. The fine mechanism of supporting the world order keeps failing increasingly often. Huge corporations are spying on each other, shots are echoing through infospace, people are falling down like dummies, something sinister is moving behind the scenes of the world geopolitics. State no longer confront each other openly. They publicly declare their crystal-clear hands, without a single insinuating spot on them. Instead, under cover of the diplomatic night, their tasks are being carried out by unknown, nameless mercenaries.


The fragile world equilibrium is disturbed. TerraGroup, a large, multinational corporation, under unknown leadership, conducts its own policy, intruding onto private and public entities throughout the world. Having hired a large private military company called United Security, TerraGroup has ensured protection and cover for all of its illegal activities. As a countermeasure, by secret decree, the Government of the Russian Federation creates a new PMC - BEAR - to investigate and prevent the illegal activities of TerraGroup worldwide. More and more companies and government agencies engage in the new wars without borders, set up their private armies, and the balance of the world begins to crumble.

What is going on? What will this chain of events lead to? Nobody knows.

What’s most important to remember is that, whatever virtuous goals are set forth by the initiators of these conflicts, the underlying real goal is making money. Spilled blood transforms into a currency, in the form of influence, income from the occupied territories and cover-ups of dirty business. Every shot fired echoes with a sound of the cash register, counting profit. Five bucks for shot, twenty for burst. 

But even the largest private military company cannot change the world - it is, like a puppet, run by other people. The master of puppets solves its own clandestine tasks, and what we see on the surface is just the tip of the iceberg.


The conflict is not limited to one country or region - it has ensnared the entire planet: covert operations going on in the snowy expanses of the Arctic, and in dusty hot deserts of Benghazi, and at the heart of a European cities.

Wielding the most modern weapons and equipment that are not always available to regular armies, "soldiers of fortune" are carrying out daring raids and cleanups in any place of the globe - without any restraints in resorting to violence or causing damage. 

Want to become one of us? Go for it! Join our ranks in Hired Ops. And, maybe, you’ll buy a house in London or Moscow, or maybe you'll get buried in an undisclosed location, where no one will ever come to say goodbye...