Changes in development priorities
Changes in development priorities important

Mercenaries! It's been a while, but now it's time for some long-anticipated news!

We have now recognized that we've been misplacing our project development priorities until now, paying little attention to the key issues of Hired Ops in Early Access:

  • insufficient optimization, and, consecutively, drops in frame rate;
  • networking issues - freezes, lag, rubberbanding;
  • troubles with sprint;
  • occasionally faulty hit detection;
  • balancing issues, novices playing against high-level characters;
  • and several more essential problems.

We'd like to inform you that starting today we are changing the Hired Ops development priorities and turning all our attention to adjustment and polishing of the aforementioned game aspects. Apparently there is no sense in adding new content unless critical bugs and technical issues are resolved. Considering all of the above, we are temporarily suspending the community-driven development section on our website and will be concentrating on solving the crucial game issues.

We are accepting our mistakes and would like to offer our apologies to you for them. From now on, the development will go differently. And its results will be judged by you, dear players.

Respectfully yours,

AbsolutSoft team.