Optimized animations and shaders
Optimized animations and shaders important


Two weeks have passed since the last update, and now we are pleased to introduce a new patch. This time we have focused our attention on optimizing operation of the animation system and shaders.

Without going into technical details, we expect that after this update, most users will notice the significantly reduced amount of freezes on entering the game, respawn or death, both for player himself and other users. Please do not forget to inform us how the game performance works for you after the upgrade - this shall allow us to adjust our course of action and work more efficiently.

In upcoming updates, we will continue to focus on improving the technical stability of the project - both with client optimization (further work on shaders and effects, and reduction the freezes during the shooting and other combat action) and server side (as you can see from the Development section on the website, we work the on the global reinvention of the networking code of the game).

However, it does not mean that we have abandoned work on a new content - you can view all the relevant information about all new and upcoming features in the Development section (https://www.hiredops.com/#open_development)