Deathstreaks and respawn protection
Deathstreaks and respawn protection important

Mercenaries! It's time for a new update! Within its scope, we are happy to introduce:

  • The "Deathstreaks" system - bonuses handed for several deaths in a row. For instance, if the game is not going well and you’ve died ten times without killing anyone, you’ll respawn with a grenade launcher that will improve your chances to break the disastrous failure spree. Please note that the system only works for Deathmatch and Team Elimination modes.
  • New ESC menu - now, by pressing ESC during the battle, you call up a special menu, which allows you to quickly change settings without seeing unnecessary extra information about the currently unavailable functionality. In addition, this menu will inform you about the penalties on untimely leave from the match.
  • Renewed player spawn protection system - we have reworked the logic of protection. Now, the newly respawned player will get 3 seconds of invulnerability, but any combat action except movement (for example, a shot or a grenade through) will revoke the protection. The system requires an extensive test, in order to determine the degree of fairness towards all players, so we look forward to your comments.

We continue to work actively on improving the game, both the client and server side. Soon you can follow the progress of each feature and find out what is being planned in the upcoming updates in the special Development section on our website - we will upgrade it with ability to offer your own ideas in near future.