Target designation mode
Target designation mode important

Soldiers of fortune!

We are pleased to announce that the Target Designation mode is already available in the game!

The rules are simple - every match lasts from 5 to 11 short rounds of 2.5 minutes each. Every round, the BEAR operatives will seek to install the target designation beacon in the zone specified by the mission command, whereas USEC operatives will try to prevent the beacon installation or deactivate it before the strike comes.

Every player has only one life to spare in the round, and thus elimination of all enemy forces before the beacon activation will also result in victory.

Please note that despite the fairly thorough internal review, the new mode launches in a test format - we’d like to ask you to actively notify us about detected issues and bugs via the in-game support, so we could quickly balance the gameplay and fix the technical issues.

In addition, we also fixed many of the problems that have surfaced after adding the new combat skills last week, such as, for instance, the “Counter-sniper Training Course".

And finally, the experience of CR and XP multipliers were further adjusted:

  • Deathmatch, Bay 5, night - 1.3
  • Deathmatch, Depot, day - 1.7
  • Deathmatch, Depot, night - 2
  • Deathmatch, Park, day - 1.5
  • Deathmatch, Park, night - 1.7
  • Deathmatch, Site, day - 2
  • Deathmatch, Site, night - 2.2
  • Deathmatch, Lake, day - 4
  • Deathmatch, Lake, night - 6
  • Deathmatch, Evacuation, day - 1.4
  • Team Elimination, Depot, day - 1.4
  • Team Elimination, Depot, night - 1.7
  • Team Elimination, Site, day - 1.6
  • Team Elimination, Site, night - 1.8
  • Team Elimination, Evacuation, day - 1.3
  • Target Designation, Depot, day - 2
  • Target Designation, Depot, night - 2.5
  • Target Designation, Site, day - 2
  • Target Designation, Site, night - 2.5
  • Target Designation, Evacuation, day - 2

Future plans:

Despite all our efforts, the launch of the "UN Base" map has been postponed to the 16.02.17 - we still have some troubles with performance of new map on some PC configurations. This is still just an estimated date of arrival - it can be changed depending on our progress, so please follow our news posts.

Over the next few days we will carefully monitor your messages about problems with new content and, most likely, include the fixes of critical errors, if any of them will happen to be found, into the update with the new map.

The next scheduled update (23.02.17) will include several interesting changes, such as:

  •       New visualization of hits (the so-called "hit markers") - they allow you to track the direction of the opponent's shots, increasing speed of reaction and detection of the enemy.
  •       The combat skills reset function.
  •       A test launch of the Development section on the project website.

We are also happy to announce that we have started implementing the new team mode - Cleanup. Its details and launch date will be disclosed later.