FAQ 4 important

Matchmaking often throws me into a match, where many players are of significantly higher or lower level, what's up with that?

Hired Ops matchmaking system is based on points assigned to every playroom when selecting a match. It evaluates a few key factors:

  • Player rating (to be precise, the deviation from the average ranking on the server)
  • Ping (i.e. time needed for request/packet sent from your computer to reach the specific game server and back)
  • The number of players on the server
  • Player level (its deviation from average values on the server)

Such approach to matchmaking allows us to maintain flexibility, accuracy, and speed. At the same time, unfortunately, any matchmaking system is extremely dependent on the number of users online. Simply put, if all players of level 15 with 1800 rating are already in the matches with no free seats, we will not be able to let you into such a match, despite our wish to do so, and the system will take you to the server with the highest number of "points" (i.e. the most appropriate one of the currently available, even if it will be a 30 level players match).

We realize that for players of level 10, level 30 veteran could become an invincible opponent and create a sense of imbalance and unfairness in the system. But look at it from another perspective - if the veteran has nobody to play with at the moment, we can't leave him to wait indefinitely for the match.

Now, we are considering and prototyping several ideas of how to compensate for the difference in the experience and skills of the players. One of the interesting options so far is the "death streak" system that will issue bonuses for several deaths in a row. For example, if the game is not going well and you died ten times without killing anyone, you’ll respawn with a grenade launcher that will improve your chances to break the disastrous failure spree.

How you can influence the situation:

The higher is the number of online players - the better and faster the system will pick up matches. Engage your friends and repost our messages on social networks and come to play the game more!

When will the update be out? Why so long? Why not say when exactly when will the update be out?

Hired Ops is in the Early Access, which means that most of the new content and functionality is being created by the team right now. It is important to understand that game development is a complex creative and organizational process, which often defies precise estimates.

Our goal is to release patches or updates every two weeks. Moreover, each update must perform at least one of two goals: increasing the stability of the game service (includes such things as, for example, performance, matching balance, the balance of weapons and basic game mechanics) and adding new content.

All changes and updates are first tested within the team. Sometimes, after these tests, we find something that something that looked good as a prototype, now does not work or does not work as intended. In such cases, these updates are sent back for revision, which may significantly change the release date.

When we have sufficient confidence in the stability of the update, we immediately announce them. Let us assure you, least of all we would like to give you empty promises and lift hopes ahead of time.

Why not fix bugs that I sent you?

All bugs are sorted by team on the task list in order of urgency and priority. Obviously, bugs that affect more players get higher priority.
Bug fixes often take time and delay the introduction of new interesting features. Therefore, if some errors that you reported have not yet been fixed, it just means that the team has still not reached them.

When will the open development section be up? Have you forgotten about it?

At the moment we are in the final stage of prototyping and design approvals. The section will contain, from the start, the necessary functionality to view current development plans, vote for new features and suggest your ideas.

In our plans, its release is scheduled for the second half of February.

New Weapon Progression is as followed:

1 set - 0 level
2 set - 10 level
3 set - 25 level
4 set - 40 level
5 set - 55 level

Bonuses for Contract Wars players

Why do I have such a small bonus?

Our algorithm evaluates several aspects in calculating the bonus:

  • Level
  • The quantity of the purchased premium currency
  • The number of matches played
  • Average length of session and monthly activity in the game

Note that the influence of some aspects is nonlinear, i.e. level 69 is evaluated by the system much higher than 68 because it requires significantly more effort to achieve.

I got a bonus with the wrong account, can I try again?
The system does not support such an operation yet - on one account you can only activate one code.

We have discussed the possibility of adjusting the system to support the different code reactivation, but even if it will be done, it will happen after the release of the project.