New weapons and skills
New weapons and skills important

Mercenaries! We are glad to present to you the first content update of 2017. It features:

  • The new maximum level - we have reworked the system of level progression, so that newbies would evolve faster in the beginning of the game. The maximum level has been raised to 60 setting the new goals for Hired Ops veterans.
  • Almost threefold increase in the number of available combat skills - previously, your development was limited to just 19 skills, all of which you could have obtained by reaching level 30. Now the game features 54 combat skills, but trying to unlock them all is futile even with the maximum level.
    Please note: the option to reset the combat skills is not yet available, we are working on it and will try to add it in the next few updates.
  • Added the 5th weapon set - it offers Noveske Diplomat, Bison and another 5 new weapons.

    We also fixed a list of various weapon-related bugs that plagued the life of many operators - for example, the bolt-action sniper rifles will now work without fail, and occasional disappearance of ACR-C will no longer be an unpleasant surprise.

    Update of support and feedback system:

    We've updated the support system on the website - you will now receive notifications (don't worry, you can always turn them off in your profile) upon Support Service answers and changes of your requests status. The system will run in test mode, so we can assess the effectiveness and make changes if necessary.

    Future plans:

    Surely you're wondering where’s the Target Designation mode. Unfortunately, after thorough testing, it was decided not to include it as part of the current patch. We want to adjust and polish the new mode internally before we make it available to you. For now, the mode is scheduled to be released in the next update along with a new UN Base map on February 9th.

    In the next few days, we will also publish the next FAQ, in which we will try to respond to some sensitive issues.