Technical update
Technical update important

Mercenaries! The time has come for the first technical update of 2017! Please note that it is primarily aimed at solving the matchmaking duration issues and enemy/team balancing:

  • Added map and mode unlock progression - now the game modes and maps will be unlocked gradually for new players. For instance, players below level 5 will only have access to day Bay 5 map in Deathmatch mode. This change, we hope, will lead to a much quicker matchmaking for new players, concentrating them on them most basic and easy to master location and ensuring the smooth learning curve for entering the game.
  • Temporarily turned off training matches - all matches are now considered rating by default. Considering the Early Access status, the number of players simultaneously in game separated into two modes was not always sufficient for a quick matchmaking. That’s why we turned of the training mode for the time being.
  • The value of player rating - and rating of the opponents - has been increased and now plays the leading role in matchmaking. We assume that will create a better balanced matches for you.
  • We’ve decreased number of maximum player from 8 to 6 on Bay 5 map which should lead to overall improvement of gameplay pacing on this map.

We’ve also made a number of technical bugfixes that influenced the performance and stability of some of the game features.

Bonuses for Contract Wars players

The Hired Ops team is happy to announce that, after the complete rework of the bonus system, we have managed to make bonus awards available to the CW users of following platforms: VK, Facebook, Kongregate, Odnoklassniki, MoiMir, Miniclip, ArmorGames. To claim your bonus, just go to your Hired Ops profile and follow the steps listed there.

Content update - 02.02.17

We are currently busy preparing the largest update of them all to this point! It will feature:

  •         The Target Designation mode - a new tactical game mode focused on sensible teamplay
  •         Increased maximum level and new skills
  •         New weapon set

This update is planned for launch on February 2,  however, as usual, we’d like to point out that the date is projected and the final release date will ultimately depend on the results of internal testing.

Regarding the new UN Base map we hope it will be ready by 09.02.17.