Patch 0.9.540
Patch 0.9.540 important

Mercenaries! 2016 is nearing its end and we are now ready to present the last update of the year. It will feature the following changes:

  • FOV setting - by numerous requests, we have added the ability to change the FOV, hope it will make the game more comfortable to play for some of you.
  • Support for Borderless Window mode - this mode makes it easier for multi-monitor users and streamers, and, moreover, it can improve performance compared to Fullscreen mode.
  • Hints display on loading screen - now the most frequently asked questions of newbies will be explained while loading the map. Beside that, the map loading process was also optimized to reduce the peak PC resources consumption.
  • We have also continued the work on the game optimization and visual and technical bug fixes, e.g. incorrect display of the voting area after the match end or game assets loading queue.

As you have probably noticed, the update turned out a bit technical. We intended to launch the new Target Designation mode in it as well, but, unfortunately, by results of internal testing, we've decided to postpone it for better adjustment. The reason is simple - we understand how important the new tactical team mode is and want to introduce it in a most stable state possible. Estimated launch of Target Designation is now coming with the next planned update in January.

Today our team is glad to reveal the screenshots of a new map that is also being prepared for launch at the end of January.

Website support service

Starting today, our website is running the support service in test mode. Now you can track the service requests you have left through the in-game support system, see their current status and get notifications on their resolution.

New Year presents

Though the New Year hasn't come yet, we are already making presents!

All participants of the Early Access who enter the game before the holidays end (till 23:59 January 8th) will get:

  • 3 unique character camos - Flecktarn-D Pattern, M05 Snow Pattern and Spiked Snowland pattern

  • 2 unique camos for all weapons - Universal Mountain Pattern Snow and Gorod (City) Camo

And that's not all! Stay tuned for the news on the New Year's night!