Update 0.9.502
Update 0.9.502 important

Soldiers of fortune, the 0.9.502 Update is already available!

This update includes the following changes:

  • 32-bit version - we’re happy to announce that after many sleepless nights and countless gallons of coffee we have managed to drastically optimise the algorithms of loading, processing and storage of the game components, decreasing the RAM consumption almost twofold. These changes, beside granting Hired Ops the ability to run on the 32-bit systems in TEST MODE (there can still be malfunctions), are also greatly improving its performance on most PC rigs.

    We’d also like to point out that despite the thorough internal testing, the optimization still involves an in-depth change of the game architecture, so please pay attention to the game performance changes and report the remaining - or, if it comes to it, new bugs as well.
  • New minimap - we are glad to present the completely redone minimap functionality. Now it spins together with player camera, also, you’ll be able to adjust the scale and size of the elements on the minimap.
  • The Lake map update - based on your feedback, we have introduced some changes to the Lake map, making it less punishing and allowing more tactical opportunities to players favouring the mid-range firing distances. The snipers still have the upper hand, but now, hopefully, you’ll be able to put up more effective resistance thanks to the new covers and passages. More details - in the separate news piece about the changes on the map.
  • Fixed most of the Hold to Aim bugs. If you are still having any issues with it, please let us know through the Support form in game.
  • Fixed the spectator cam in game (issues with incorrect switching of the spectator camera modes available after death).

When and what to expect in the next update:

Despite the coming holidays, we are are planning the release of the next update the last week of the year. Currently, our main goal is to launch a new game mode, Target Designation. We will also continue to work on the performance optimization and fixes of the issues, both discovered previously and those that you may discover after this update.

Open development

We’d like to express our gratitude to everyone who has cast a vote in the poll. We have already started the development of the dedicated website section, however, it will take some time to make it comfortable and effective to use. Please be patient for a while.