The Lake map update
The Lake map update important

We are happy to present the first map that has been updated according to your feedback - the Lake.

We have made it less punishing and allowing more tactical opportunities to players favouring the mid-range firing distances. The snipers still have the upper hand, but now, hopefully, you’ll be able to put up more effective resistance thanks to the new covers and passages.

1. Added alternative way of crossing the ditch.


2. Added a makeshift bridge that allows quick crossing from one side of the lake to another, as well as the new cover.


3. Increased the area of the base that provides cover to the mid-range fighters, allowing to sneak up to the sniper positions on the island.


4. Added rocks and covers on the way to the island.


5. Added fortified covers on the island, making the positions less open and offering more protection.


6. Added some cover on the shore, making this area suitable for movement.


7. Increased the number of concrete tubing rings, added rocks to cover the  distance leading to the bridge.


We are waiting for your impressions on the updated version of this map!