Hired Ops — New Dynamic Online Shooter On War Between Mercenary Groups
Hired Ops — New Dynamic Online Shooter On War Between Mercenary Groups important

Developer AbsolutSoft reveals the first details about Hired Ops - a new FPS for the fans of dynamic online action, previously known as Contract Wars Standalone. Hired Ops upholds and evolves the ideas established in the iconic Contract Wars, popular with over 48 million players from all over the world. Early Access for the game is scheduled for Q4 of 2016.

Hired Ops is a session-based online shooter dedicated to strife between mercenary groups, engaging in fierce battle with each other, all over the world. Using the latest weapons and special equipment, players take part in armed encounters, unite into private military companies, carry out contracts, build their own bases and aggressively compete with each other - all for the sake of domination in the world mercenaries market. The players are free to choose any of the 5 different fighter classes, each with elaborately crafted skill system and an arsenal rich both in various weapons and weapon modifications. Hired Ops includes a wide variety of game modes, including the enhanced realism mode.

Special attention in the game is given to the opposing clans and their strife. It opens an opportunity for players to make a name for themselves and their forces achieve supreme success in the marketplace of private military services.

Game features:  

  • Dangerous flashpoint missions. - Impetuous assaults of fortified areas, search and destroy missions against VIP operators, quiet night operations using night vision devices and thermal imaging sights, neutralization of the enemy forces in the "Elimination" mode.
  • Acquiring the unique skills. - Multi-path skill tree allows players to fine-tune the character to suit their playing style, turning him either into noiseless reconnaissance agent or ruthless assault fighter.
  • The impressive arsenal of light antipersonnel weapons and their customizations. - Over a hundred designs of modern small arms and more than 80 different modifications for them.
  • The true spirit of mercenarism. - Every fighter picks the fitting contracts, carries out the hardest tasks and gains reputation in the market of PMCs! It is entirely up to players how much will they earn, what their future contracts will be and where will they stand among other mercenaries. The more experienced score the bigger game.  
  • A variety of locations around the world. - EMERCOM base, Arctic Polar research station, an abandoned village on the edge of the desert, Office Center, railway station and other unusual locations across the planet will become the battlegrounds for the players.
  • Advanced tactical capabilities. - Recoil control, peeking out, use of combined scopes, laser designators and flashlights, calls for battlespace support, use of specialized ammunition and devices.
  • Competitive Hardcore mode. - The fighters sustain wounds, contusions and other injuries that affect gameplay and combat capability.
  • Your own PMC (private military company). - Players will face base construction, upgrading of the special clan skills and extra clan-based contracts, with unique weapons, modules and camouflages as rewards.
  • The character customization system allows to change his appearance, choose the camo to fit the particular task at hand and add visually distinctive details.

Hired Ops is scheduled for launch in Q4 of 2016 as a paid package on Steam.

About AbsolutSoft

AbsolutSoft is a privately-owned Russian game development studio, established in St. Petersburg,Russia in 2010. The company has previously released the browser-based online FPS Contract Wars, which won the attention of 48 million players worldwide. In 2016, AbsolutSoft moved it's headquarters to Moscow and focused on development of Hired Ops, a Contract Wars Standalone.