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Our fight with the bugs and issues you have found continues! However, we do not neglect the development of new features either. All this requires time to prepare, code, test and fix, and that is why we switch to the two-week patch delivery schedule. We understand that some players may choose to see this like the volume of attention we’re giving to the updates have decreased; however, our goal is quite the opposite - we want our patches to become big and joyful events not only for separate groups of our players, but for everyone.

At the same time, we’d like to make the development process as open and transparent to you as possible, and we have several ideas in that regard. First one is to create a special section on the project website where you would be able to view the development status for the major features (e.g. 32-bit version or new game mode), what is going to be in the next patch, and vote and/or suggest the changes or fixes you are most interested in.

Please take part in the poll on FB so we could understand if such initiative is worth the trouble or not.