Patch 0.9.471
Patch 0.9.471 important

Soldiers of fortune! We are glad to announce the following changes in the update 0.9.471:

  • Reworked sprint logic - new algorithms and activation/deactivation conditions provide enhanced capabilities of reacting to changing tactical situation in combat. For instance, now you can start sprinting immediately from crouching position, or start firing on the move.
  • The Site map is now available in the Team Elimination mode.
  • Changed the contrast and lighting filters on the Evacuation, adjusting the visual component of the map according to your comments. Hopefully, you will now find it more comfortable to play.

Also, we have introduced several system fixes and changes that should improve the game performance on some PCs; however, that does not mean, unfortunately, that the update would give a noticeable performance boost for everyone.

What are we working on now:

The main development focus is now both on preparation of the 32-bit version and the performance optimization, as the latter is a prerequisite for the former. To make the 32-bit version of the Hired Ops we need to significantly alter optimize the game architecture which should improve the performance for all of our players. Despite the complexity of the task we are happy to say that the prototype 32-bit version is already in the internal testing. Its results will reflect on the date of public availability. Please be patient and thank you for understanding.

Moreover, based on your feedback, we have started the first iteration of the map rebalancing of the original five maps to improve their competitive aspect and diversify the tactical means of achieving the victory. The precise date of updates for each map will depend on the results of the internal testing.

And, of course, the team is still working on the new content you are waiting for! In December we hope to introduce a new mode and two more maps, one of them being completely new and the other - a well-known Contract Wars arena. Stay tuned!