Bonuses for Contract Wars players
Bonuses for Contract Wars players important

Soldiers of fortune! We're happy to announce that starting today we commence the bonus distribution among players who switched to Hired Ops from Contract Wars. The prizes are being awarded depending on your activity - our algorithm analyses your Contract Wars activity throughout the whole history of your account and unlocks one or several bonuses accordingly:

  • character camo (SKULLSWT);
  • AK105 and M4A1 weapon camo (KILLCAM);
  • QBU-88 weapon camo (SKULLS);
  • access to QBU-88 assault rifle.

Please note that in order to claim the bonuses you should connect both your Steam and social accounts in your profile on our website. The bonuses are only awarded for one account in one social network, so if you have multiple accounts, please make sure to firmly decide which one will take part in the bonus program.

The bonuses can be claimed in your profile on the official Hired Ops website. AbsolutSoft thanks all of the Contract Wars players for their years-long commitment to the game's development!