Patch 0.9.444
Patch 0.9.444 important

Soldiers of fortune! Today we are glad to introduce the technical update primarily aimed at  improvement and correct performance of the group matchmaking.

Changes in 0.9.444 patch:

  • Added ability to switch weapon loadouts on the respawn screen, providing you with means of adapting to the tactical situation on the map without having to leave the match to the main menu.
  • Fixed a number of bugs and issues with group matchmaking - we would like to express our gratitude to all testing participants for detailed reports sent to us via in-game Support screen.
  • Fixed matchmaking region settings reset after every match or restart of the game.
  • Introduced additional tuning of performance optimization and fixed a number of issues that caused abnormally low performance on some PC configurations.

This week we intend to release one more patch that should contain the following changes:

  • Further improvement of hit detection due to enhanced procedure of player position interpolation on server and client.
  • Fixed issues with Hold-to-Aim functionality.

Also, in this release we intend to include the Evacuation map we announced last week, as well as reworked Minimap; however, their inclusion in the patch depends on stability of their operation by the results of internal testing.

As usual, the Hired Ops team is extremely grateful to you for the efforts you put into helping us test the game! We shall continue doing whatever we can to meet your expectations from the game and hope you’ll be reflecting it in your Steam reviews!