Patch 0.9.434
Patch 0.9.434 important

Soldiers of fortune! Update 0.9.436 is already available.We are delighted to present two of three features we announced last week:

  • Hold-to-aim - ability to enter the aiming mode by holding RMB, not pressing it. For those who prefer or just got used to toggle-on aiming, don’t be afraid you can switch between two methods at any point in Settings.
  • Playing with friends - ability to rally a team of your Steam friends and go to fight together. Please understand, that this functionality requires massive testing and you will have our gratitude if you can focus your efforts on this game system. In case of any issues please report them via In-game Support adding as much details as possible.
  • Beside that in this patch we’ve implemented number of changes in hit detection procedure, including fix for an error that in some cases after death led to the desynchronization of client and server position of hits. We hope this would decrease number of cases when damage isn’t registered by system properly.

We have also fixed list of visual and system bugs, e.g. incorrect visuals of Night vision devices on some maps, issue with wrong display of region picker with some screen resolutions, unrequired transference of lightning from maps to the character in main menu and etc.  

In the coming weeks we will continue working on technical stability of the game, including optimization of performance on different configurations of PC. Apart from that we are also working on following major things:

  • Changes in the sprint logic - e.g. ability to start the sprint from squatting position.
  • Creation of feedback system for Support - you will be able to track all your reports via special system on our web-site.
  • 32 bit game version - as mentioned previously, we are working on this version of the game, but technically it is not an easy task, so we can’t promise any timeframe yet.

Finally, we are preparing the first content update, that would open new map, more weapons and probably some new skills, but the date of release will depend on our success in making game performance stable.

As always we would like to give our thanks to you for all the support and participation in Early Access of Hired Ops. Your assistance allows our to make this game better!