Patch 0.9.430
Patch 0.9.430 important

Soldiers of Fortune! We are glad to present you with the technical patch we promised earlier, aimed to improve stability of the game:

  • Fixed the gap between server and client positions of the shot origin and hit - first fix that should improve the hit detection system.
  • Fixed the inability to jump and aim after death during jump.
  • Fixed the freeze of match leave confirmation popup, occurring on a number of reasons.
  • Fixed a number of issues causing the so-called memory leak, i.e. RAM consumption exceeding the expected parameters.
  • Fixed the issue of some of the graphic shaders working incorrectly, which should lead to performance improvement on some machines.
  • Fixed the issue of occasional disappearance of one team’s results from the match end screen.
  • Added option to choose the matchmaking region

We’d like to ask you to focus on testing the fixes listed above. Thank you!