Development News: Patch 0.9.423
Development News: Patch 0.9.423 important

Mercenaries, it’s been a while since we last have given any news to you, so now we’ve decided to let you in a bit more on what’s cooking up on our kitchen.

The primary focus of the development is now placed on the hit detection, i.e. correct registration and processing of bullet hits on your body and bodies of your opponents. The efforts of the whole team are now dedicated to revealing the source of the issue and fixing it. Right now, we’re preparing two major technical changes in the system operation, and hopefully they will considerably improve the current situation and allow you to enjoy the game even more.

In the two weeks that have passed since the launch of Early Access, thanks to your active aid in testing the game, we have manage to identify and fix many critical issues in the matchmaking system. We still continue to work on this part of the project as well, and today’s mini-update features ability to set the more precise matchmaking options many of you asked for.

Previously, matchmaking was set to default Any Mode Any Map one minute after the start of the search; now, you will have a choice whether to expand the search criteria or continue searching as is. With this, it will become easier to search the matches on specific maps or in specific mode you’d like to play. In the upcoming updates, we will also add the ability to choose the region of the search as well. By default you’ll get connected to servers in your home region with the best latency.

In the version 0.9.423 we have also fixed several minor issues with localization and interfaces, including the incredibly irritating disappearance of a crosshair.

Beside tech components, we are also working on three priority features we intend to add over the next several weeks:

  • Hold-to-aim - ability to enter the aiming mode by holding RMB, not pressing it.
  • Playing with friend - ability to rally a team of your Steam friends and go to fight together.
  • Changes in the sprint logic - e.g. ability to start the sprint from squatting position.

We appreciate your patience and support and, as always, hope for your aid in testing the project!