Patch 0.9.418
Patch 0.9.418 important

Mercenaries, we are glad to announce the update 0.9.418. The update will start at 6:45 PM CEST and will last approximately 15 minutes.

  • Sprint: fixed the issue that prevented the player from speeding up when entering the Sprint mode after repeated hits of aiming key.
  • Aiming: fixed the issue that sometimes disabled aiming after death and respawn.
  • Ultra high-res and low-res displays support: added support of various resolutions.
  • Settings screen: settings are now being applied without need to restart the game. The key binding logic is also fixed - you should now have no problem rebinding the controls as you see fit.
  • Match end screen: The match end screen display time is reduced to 30 seconds. Screen tabs are now switching evenly, without getting stuck on second. Autoswitch is turned off if you select any of the tabs manually.
  • A starter package of CR and MP: for the time frame of this stage of Early Access, every new player will receive 100000 CR and 1000 MP at the start

- Fixed occasional weapon disappearance in the shop screen.
- Added visual notification about interface elements blocked while in match.
- Skill Points (SP): the client will now correctly display the available SP.
- W-TASK: fixed functioning and localization of the W-TASKS list.

We’d like to ask you to pay special attention to the Sprint testing, please inform us of any remaining issues that affect this feature.

To the owners of non-standard display - please let us know if the button accessibility trouble persists.

Also, we’re happy to inform you that the first of the promised bonuses is ready to be delivered - the free SURPAT camo. To claim it, please sign up at our website and connect your Steam account in your profile page!