Patch 0.9.413
Patch 0.9.413 important

Soldiers of fortune! We are grateful for all your support and patience, our work continues. In this patch:

  • NEW: Support screen, now you can report any bug or send us feedback via special form inside the game. Just press "Support" button in the top menu and follow the simple steps as directed. The game will automatically create a special request inside our system and send all technical data to us, so we can react faster to any occurring problems.
  • Servers' stability and matchmaking: Further improvements of the process of server rating and reinitialization to prevent connection to "dead" game rooms.
  • W-TASKS: Fixed the issue of W-task window not closing properly sometimes upon entering a match.
  • Sitе & Depot maps: fixes of unreachable places - we moved objects in different places to remove some dead ends.
  • Character camouflage purchase interface: Small changes to interface, added button to take off camouflage.
  • Character camouflage: closed exploit that allowed to "try out" any camouflage.