Patch 0.9.407
Patch 0.9.407 important

Mercenaries, though it hasn’t been long since yesterday’s patch, but we are excited to send a new one your way, guys:

  • Matchmaking:
    • We changed the order of servers in which they are reviewed for possibility to be connected to by user’s client. This, as we hope, should drastically improve overall speed of matchmaking.
    • Fix of technical connection process should prevent the situations when client is trying to connect to no longer existing or unresponsive server.
  • Exploit that was abused for too much experience and credits being distributed during Matchend is now fixed - now there will be no "cheaters" who get to level 30 in just one match. Note: After some testing we will wipe progress for all users who happened to use that exploit.
  • Match leave confirmation popup was added
  • Processing popup was added - now game will give visual feedback when it is working on loading or saving data.
  • Game loading process reworked - this should improve overall speed of how long it takes to load the game.
  • Weapons:
    • Fix for KRISS Vector sudden disappearance of mods


As you've probably noticed we have given a lot of attention to Matchmaking this time, so please test it as actively as possible, so we know if situation has improved for you. Let us know via FB or Steam community.