Patch 0.9.398
Patch 0.9.398 important

Soldiers of fortune! We are glad to inform you that long-awaited patch is ready! We keep working on the project and hope you will continue to support us:

  • Several game stability fixes:
    • For now users will be returned to the main menu after each 3 rounds.
    • A lot of changes in net code, which should improve overall performance.
  • Matchmaking: Several fixes. Change in the server rating procedure, which should prevent users from spawning on servers with high latency.
  • Animation fixes for USEC VIP M60 animations.
  • Several localization and interface fixes.
  • All maps: fences are fixed - now you can't throw grenade through it.
  • Parkside: collision fixes for trees, bushes, different structures.
  • Depot: decal fixes for hangar and concrete plates, truck behind the hangar replaced with new model.
  • Gameplay:
    • by default you will have one grenade now.
    • Weapon accuracy fix.
  • New music for match start and end.
  • Improved reinitialization process for W-Tasks which should lead to more stable progress saving.
  • Mods:
    • Eotech sights Optic mark fixed.

UPDATE 0.9.401 : Fix for broken spawn of BEAR VIP