The third part of F.A.Q. is now available!
The third part of F.A.Q. is now available! general

Q: The game is laggy, freezes from time to time.
A: As we have previously mentioned, the first stage of Early Access is dedicated to technical and high-load stress-testing. We are checking the ability of our servers to work under high load and with big number of players. You may experience lag and server latency issues, but that is exactly where our primary focus is, and the game will be undergoing continuous optimization. 

UPDATE: For now, as a temporary solution for technical issue with continues play on one server, users will be returned to the main menu after each round.

Q: I have a black screen on the game start.
A: In the most cases you just have to wait a bit - the games is preloading location, and this can take different time depending on the location of the server. We are working on solving this issue.

Q: Where do I report bugs?
A: We will launch the in-game bug reporting tool presently. Meanwhile, we have created the following topics for discussing the Early Access in the Steam community.

Q: I can't change the game settings.
A: Changes will be applied after restarting the game. This is temporary hindrance, we are working on rectifying it.

Q: Some maps are very dark. What do I do?
A: You can use the Night Vision Device to cope with this. By default, it is toggled with N key. Also, you can equip your weapon with a flashlight (toggled by L key) and laser designator (K key).

Q: How do I select greande launcher as a VIP?
A: The 6 Key.

Q: Will there be profile resets?
A: Yes, we are currently testing the economic system and character development system. As new skills are added, level cap increased or other major changes implemented, we will, most likely, reset the character progress.

Q: I have a 32-bit OS, will the game work on it?
A: At the moment, only the 64-bit version of Hired Ops is available, 32-bit support will be added with consecutive updates.