Early Access is here!
Early Access is here! important

Soldiers of fortune! We are delighted to announce that the new online first person shooter Hired Ops is now available in Early Access on Steam!

We are assured that Early Access is the ultimate way of distribution that will provide us with a way to test the game and reach its maximum reliability at the time of full launch. Over the course of it, we shall continue honing the game balance and high-paced dynamics of gameplay.

Our players opinions have always been instrumental to us at AbsolutSoft, and for this reason, the decision to release the project in Early Access was made at the very start of the development.

We intend to ceaselessly update the game based on suggestions and ideas the player community. For this purpose, we will use an in-game feedback system, along with communities, Steam groups and other social media. Particularly active players can be rallied to perform closed tests and other tasks within the development pipeline!

The final date of development completion will depend largely on our progress at this stage of the project, and at the moment, the most realistic estimated release date is the 1st Quarter of 2017.

One of the main goals of the Early Access is to understand what additional game functionality players might be interested in and what should we introduce to make the game really exciting and immersive. Even so, we would like to announce already the set of features that will be available in the final release version, but are not yet ready to be shown at the start of the Early Access:

  • Training
  • Hardcore Mode
  • Base building
  • Clans
  • Contracts
  • More modes and maps.

The Hired Ops Early Access version already includes fully operational crucial game mechanics and content. The game has a large arsenal of weapons and modifications for them, several game modes and an initial set of maps. As a result, Hired Ops Early Access version is basically a full-fledged entirely playable game that could have been passed as a final release by a less demanding developer.

With this in mind, we encourage you to try all of this out right now! Your time has come, soldiers of fortune, time to fight and make profits! Let slip the dogs of war!